North American - A god of many Indian tribes. The Coeur d'Alene people have a story that tells how Thunder kidnapped the wife of a hunter who then followed the couple to the god's home. When Thunder went to sleep, the hunter stole all the god's shirts. These garments enabled the god to fly and without them he was quite helpless. The Hauchnom tribe say that Thunder challenged the supreme god, Taikomol, but lost and was banished to the northern realms during the winter months. Among the Kato, he was regarded as a creator-god, maker of man as well as of the earth. The Lipan say that Thunder quarrelled with the wind-god. In Oregon, Thunder is regarded as an old man married to an old woman or, some say, to a tree. In the lore of the White Mountain Apache, the contest for supremacy was between Thunder and the Sun. On occassion, known as Thunder, Ehlaumel, Ehlaumel, thunder, Kato Nahaitco or Sinkyone Kyoi.

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