Persian - A hero. Son of Thrita Athwya. He was the son of one of the first four men to press the divine drink, Haoma, from the fruit of the Gaokenera tree. He fathered three sons (Eraj, Salm and Tur), on Ahaharnaz and Aranvaz, two of the wives of Azhi Dahak. In a fight with Azhi Dahak he stabbed him and bound him with chains to Mount Demavand. In some accounts, he is the same as Keresaspa. Referred to as Thraetona, Atar, Atar, Adhur, Atarsh, Atesh, Verethragna, Adar, Faridun, Faridun, Keresaspa, Keresaspa, Garshasp, Krsaspa, Nariman, Thraetama, Thraetama, Thraetana, Thraetana, Thraetaona, Thraetaona, Thraitauna, Thraitauna, Trita, Trita, Agni, Aptya, Indra, Greek Triton, Persian Athwya, Thrita, Thraeta(o)na, Thraeta(o)na, Atar or Atar.

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