Egyptian - God of art, law, magic, the moon, science, time, writing, wisdom. God of Khnum. Consort of Ma or Nehmetaway. Father of Neferhor. He is sometimes regarded as the son of Ra but others say he was the son of Seth born from his father's head or from a lotus. Originally he was a creator-god who brought into being the four pairs of deities from the primitive waters. He became the scribe and keeper of records, credited with the invention of hieroglyphics. In the form of a baboon, he acted as a judge in the underworld, recording the weighing of souls in the balance. He helped Isis in the resurrection of Osiris after he had been killed by Set. He took over when Ra retired and was elevated to the heavens, though others say that Shu took over as supreme ruler. One of his duties was to stand in the prow of Ra's sun-barque, Manjet, to ward off enemies. It was he who gambled with the moon and won five intercalary days which allowed Nut, who had been cursed by Ra so that she could not bear children in any normal month, to give birth to her five children. He is depicted as having the head of an ibis or baboon. Occasionally known as Thoth, Dehuti, Dehuti, Djeheuty, Djeheuty, Djehuti, Djehuti, Hermes, Hermes, Anubis, Arcus, Camillus, Hermeias, Master of Animals, sacred birds, Terminus, Agoneus, Arais, Arg(e)iphontes, Atlantiades, Clithonius, Cyllen(ius), Hermanubis, Master Thief, Nomius, Oneicopompus, Pasturer, Psychogogue, Psychopomp(us), Terminus, The Master, Trismegistus, Egyptian Anubis, Etruscan Turms, Roman Mercury, Charidotes, Lord of Magic, Lord of Magic, Lord of Sesennu, Lord of Sesennu, Tat, Tat, Ded, Techu, Techu, Thaut, Thaut, Thot, Thot, Thout, Thout, Thouti, Thouti, Zehuti, Zehuti, Zhouti, Zhouti, Aah(-te-huti), Aah(-te-huti), Ah, Dhouti, Dhouti, D(j)ehuti, D(j)ehuti, Eye of Horus, Eye of Horus, udjat, wedjat-eye, He Zur, He Zur, Hez-ur, Khons, Khons, Chons, Chunsu, Khens, Khensu, Khonsu, Khuns, Lord of All, Shu, Traveller, The, Khens(u), Lord of Air, Lord of Time, The Traveller, Greek Heracles, Lord of Sessenu, Lord of Sessenu, Tongue of Ptah, Tongue of Ptah, Hu, Greek Hermes, Greek Hermes, Ganesha, Mercury, Nabu, Shullat, Turms, Tahuti, Tahuti, Tehuti, Phoenician Taaut, Phoenician Taaut, Esden, Esden, Isden, Isten or Isten.

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