Norse - The eldest of the 9 sons of Viking by his second wife. Husband of Ingeborg. Father of Frithiof. When one of the brothers killed one of the nine sons of Niorfe in a quarrel, Viking banished him but all nine decided to go into exile. Viking gave Thorsten his sword, Angurvadel, and they went off to an island in Lake Wener where they were attacked by Niorfe's sons and only Thorsten and Thorer survived. The eldest son of Niorfe, Jokul, had conquered Sogn, killed the king, exiled his son Belé and turned his daughter Ingeborg into a witch. When Jokul twice called up storms that shipwrecked Thorsten, Ingeborg saved Thorsten from the sea. In gratitude, he found her brother Belé and restored his throne, returned Ingeborg to her former self and married her. He and Belé, together with a former foe, Angantyr, mounted many raids at sea, recovering the ship Ellida stolen from his father, seizing the magic armlet from the tomb of Soté the pirate and conquering the Orkneys which were given to Angantyr. Settling down after these adventures, Thorsten fathered a son, Frithiof, who, as a child, played with the children of Belé, especially his daughter, also known as Ingeborg. When he and Belé died, they were interred in barrows in sight of one another. Sometimes known as Thorsten.

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