Norse - Son of Thorarin. Father of Skegg-Brodi. In an argument about the result of a horse-fight, Thord struck Thorstein with his staff and cut his head open. When later Thorstein sought an apology, he was rebuffed so he killed Thord who was head-groom to the rich landowner, Bjarni. Bjarni then sent two of his retainers, Thorhall and Thorvald, to kill Thorstein but they too died at the hand of their intended victim. Finally, goaded by his wife, Bjarni himself went forth to exact vengeance. The two men fought each other to a standstill and ended up as friends, with Thorstein undertaking to be a loyal servant to Bjarni, who then took care also of Thorstein's father, an old man. Sometimes identified as Thorstein.
Norse - Husband of Thordis. Father of Ingimund. He attacked and wounded a highwayman named Jokul but the bandit overpowered Thorstein and forgave him for the attack. Thorstein was even allowed to marry Jokul's sister, called Thordis. Known as Thorstein.
Norse - Son of Ingimund. Father of Ingolf. He avenged the death of his father, who had been killed by a young relative, and then took over his late father's chieftainship and cleared the country of all the sorcerers and evil doers. Also referred to as Thorstein.

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