Greek - One of the Earthborn Giants. Son of Uranaus and Gaea. Thoas was killed by the Fates during the battle between the giants and the gods. In some accounts, called Thoas.
Greek - King of Lemnos. Son of Dionysus and Ariadne. Husband of Myrina. Father of Hypsipyle. Father of Sicinus by Oenoe, some say. The only man to survive when the women of Lemnos killed all the other men for putting their wives aside in favour of Thracian concubines. His daughter, Hypsipyle, cast him adrift in a boat which came ashore on the island of Oenoe where he married a nymph of the same name, fathering a son, Sicinus. Other accounts say that he died with the other husbands on Lemnos. In some references, called Thoas.
Greek - A king of Lemnos. Son of Jason and Hypsipyle. Brother of Euneus. He became king after his grandfather, also Thaos, had been cast adrift by Hypsipyle. He and his brother Euneus rescued their mother from Lycurgus. In some references, known as Thoas.
Greek - A king of Aetolia. Son of Andraemon and Gorge. Father of Haemon. He led the Aetolians in the Trojan War and was one of those concealed inside the Wooden Horse. Also called Thoas.
Greek - A king of Tauris. Son of Borysthenes. He was the guardian of an image of Artemis said to have fallen from the sky and sacrificed all prisoners to this image. When Orestes and Pylades came to seize this image, he captured them but they were saved by the intervention of Iphigenia who was acting as a priestess in the temple. He pursued the escaping party but was killed by Orestes. On occassion, known as Thoas.

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