Third Sun

Central American - The third age in the Aztec. Creation cycle. The Second Sun, ruled over by Quetzalcoatl, ended after 676 years when Tlaloc caused a great wind to blow away the race of humans that Quetzalcoatl had created. Tlaloc then took over as ruler of the Third Sun which ended after a further 364 years when fire destroyed the earth. The next ruler was Chalchiuhtlicue. Another story calls this period the Sun of Fire and says that the fire which destroyed the earth either fell from heaven or was started by the couple who had escaped destruction at the end of the Second Sun. In some accounts, known as Third Sun, Four Rain, Four Rain, Sun of Fire, Sun of Fire, Sun of Rain, Sun of Rain, Quiyauhtonatiuh, Quiyauhtonatiuh, Tlaloc, Rain Sun, sun, sun, ages, Fifth Sun, First Sun, Fourth Sun, Second Sun or Ages.

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