Norse - The Norse version of Theodoric. (Dietrich von Bern). Husband of Herrad and Isollde. In this version, Thidrek is king of Amlungaland although his seat is still in Bern where he was reared by Hildebrand. He won the helmet Hildigrimur from the giants Hilldur and Grimur, the sword Naglring from the dwarf Alfrik and another sword, Ekkisax, from the giant Ecka. He is said to have killed Sigurd with the sword Mimung. He was driven from his own lands by Ermenrik but recovered them a year later. During the final slaughter of the Niblungs, it was he, not Hildebrand, who killed Krimhild (here Grimhild) by cutting her in half with his sword. After the death of Herrad, he married Isollde, widow of Hertnit. Sometimes referred to as Thidrek, Dietrich von Bern, Dietrich von Bern, Diderick, Theodoric or Thridrek.

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