Greek - One of the dogs of Actaeon. When Artemis discovered Actaeon, the hunter, spying on her as she bathed, she turned him into a stag. His hounds, including Theron, tore him to pieces. In some references, referred to as Theron, Artemis, Artemis, Bear Goddess, Britomart, Irina, Kalliste, Lady of Wild Things, Mistress of the Griffins, Orthia, Orthria, Phoebe, sacred birds, Taurica, Upis, Agrotera, Aph(a)ea, Arcadia, Bear goddess, Brauronia, Britomart(is), Carmenta, Carnasia, Cranae(a), Cynthia, Delia, Dictynna, Elate, Korythalia, Locheia, Mistress of Animals, Mistress of Griffins, Orth(r)ia, Phoebe, Phyllis, Phosporos, Polyboea, Potnia, Selene, Tauropolos, Trivia, White Goddess, Irish Garbh Ogh, Roman Diana, Syrian Atargatis, Thracian Bendis or Euronyme.

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