Central American - An Aztec maize-goddess and goddess of physicians. An aspect of Cihuacoatl, Tlazolteotl or Tonantzin, in some accounts. In those accounts which say that Huitzilopochtli had two mothers, Teteoinnan was one of them. The other was Coatlicue. Sometimes identified as Teteoinnan, Cihuacoatl, Cihuacoatl, Chikha, Ciuacoatl, Ciuateotl, Serpent Woman, Snake Woman, Ilamatecuhtli, Temazcalteci, Tona(n)tzin, Tetoinnan, Tetoinnan, Tlazolteotl, Tlazolteotl, Coatlicue, Itzcuinan, Ixcuina, Ixcuiname, Ixcuinana, Ixquina, Queen of Cotton, Tlacolteotl, Ixcuina(na), Tlaelquarni, Tlazolteotli, Toci(tzin), Toxi, Mother of the Gods, Mother of the Gods, Dôn, Neith, Asherah, Don or Tetetoinnan.

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