Mesopotamian - The Hittite and Hurrian storm-god. Son of Kumarbi. Brother of Ishtar and Tasmisu. Consort of Hebat, Huwassanas, Sabasarras and Tasimis. Consort of Shoushkas, some say. Father of Inara, Sharrumas and Telipinu. When Kumarbi overthrew Anu, he spat out three new gods, Teshub, Aranzakh and Tasmisu. Teshub replaced Kumarbi as supreme god and married the daughter of the sea-god, producing the giant Ullikummi who was made of diorite. Others say that Kumarbi married the sea-god's daughter who bore Ullikummi or that this stone giant was created by Kumarbi to avenge his dethronement by Teshub. When Ullikummi grew so large that he threatened the whole world, Teshub (or Ea, in other versions) cut off the giant's feet and it fell into the ocean. When his son Telipinu disappeared he searched for him in vain. In one story he was defeated by the demon Illuyankas but Inara gave the dragon and his brood so much food that they got stuck in the opening to their lair. Hupasiyas then tied them up so that Teshub could kill them. Alternatively, when the dragon defeated Teshub, he took his eyes and heart. Telipinu, a son of Teshub, married a daughter of Illuyankas and received the eyes and heart as a wedding gift. He returned them to his father who then slew both his son and the dragon. At times, identified as Teshub, Tarhuis, Tarhuis, Tarhun, Tarhun, Tarhunt, Tarhunt, Tarhuntas, Tarhuntas, Tark, Tark, Tarku, Tarku, Teshup, Teshup, Tesub, Tesub, Tesup, Tesup, Atabyrius, Tushup, Tushup, Tarhun(t), Tarhun(t), Tark(u), Tark(u), Tes(h)up, Tes(h)up, Canaanite Baal, Canaanite Baal, Adad, Cronus, Set, Hattic Taru, Hattic Taru, Sumerian Ishkur, Sumerian Ishkur, Ramman, Sutekh, Sutekh, Ja-ztak, Setekh, Setes, Sut, Sutesh, Suty, Ja-stak, Setes(h), Sut(esh), Babylonian Ramman, Hittite Pappas or Egyptian Rimmon.

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