Central American - A Mayan creator-god. When the earth rose out of the primordial ocean, Tepeu and Gucamatz made men from soil but they were disappointed with the results and destroyed them in a flood. Next they carved a race of beings from wood but these too were not satisfactory and the gods had them torn to pieces by four huge birds, Camazotz, Cotzbalam, Tecumbalam and Xocotcovach. The following race of giants was destroyed by Hunapu and Ixbalanque and the final population was created by Tepeu and Gucamatz who made the ancestors of the tribes, Balam Agab, Balam Quitzé, Iqi Balam and Mahacutah. Also identified as Tepeu, Hurakan, Hurakan, Heart of Heaven, Huracan, Hurukan or Uracan.

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