Greek - A king of Argos. Son of Aristomachus. Brother of Aristodemus and Cresphontes. Father of Archielaus, Creisus, Hyrnetho and Perdiccas. He was a descendant of Heracles who led an attack on the Pelopponese by the Heraclidae. The attackers defeated Tisamenus and shared the country, Temenus taking Argos. When his daughter Hyrnetho married Deiphontes, Temenus showed that he preferred his son-in-law to his own sons, who then killed him. Occasionally referred to as Temenus.
Greek - A king of Stymphalus. Son of Pelasgus. Temenus was said to have reared the goddess Hera. In some accounts, referred to as Temenus.
Greek - Son of Phegeus. Brother of Arsinoe and Axion. His sister, Arsinoe, married Alcmaeon and, when he abandoned her, Temenus, with his brother and father, killed him. Sometimes called Temenus.


Greek - A sacred enclosure. In some references, referred to as temenus.

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