Hittite - A fertility-god and god of agriculture. Son of Taru or Teshub. Once, when he disappeared wearing his boots on the wrong feet, the earth became desolate and all things started to die off. He was stung by a bee sent by Hannahanna to find him but that only further angered him and caused him to send major floods. When Kamrusepa, the goddess of magic, dispelled his anger, or cured his illness, some say, he returned to his palace and the earth was saved. In some accounts, Telipinu, as son of Teshub, retrieved the god's eyes and heart from the monster, Illuyankas, when he married the monster's daughter. Occasionally referred to as Telipinu, Telepinu, Telepinu, Telepinus, Telepinus, Telepuna, Telepuna, Telepinu(s) or Telepinu(s).

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