Greek - A king of Teuthrania. Son of Heracles and Auge. Husband of Argiope, Astyoche or Laodice. Father of Eurypylus by Astyoche. He was abandoned as a baby, found by shepherds, suckled by a deer and later found his mother, queen of Mysia. He became king on the death of her husband, Teuthras. In some accounts, he was given Auge, the wife or adopted daughter of Teuthras, as a wife but they discovered their relationship in time to avoid marriage. He then married Argiope, the real daughter of Teuthras or, some say, Astyoche or Laodice. He killed Thersander but was wounded by Achilles when the Greeks, en route to Troy, mistakenly landed in Mysia. He was cured with the rust from the spear of Achilles and set the fleet on its proper course. In some references, called Telephus.

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