Greek - King of Salamis. Son of Aeacus and Endeis. Brother of Peleus. Half-brother of Phocus. Husband of Glauce and Periboea. Father of Ajax by Periboea. Father of Teucer by Hesione. He was one of the party hunting the Calydonian boar and sailed with the Argonauts. He also sailed with Heracles in his attack on Troy and, for his help, was given Hesione, Laomedon's sister, as a prize, fathering Teucer on her. He and Peleus killed their halfbrother Phocus and were exiled by their father, Telamon being sent to Salamis. Here he married the king's daughter, Glauce, and himself became king. He later married Periboea and was the father by her of Ajax the Great. Some say that he was killed when helping Heracles in his war against Elis. Sculptured male figures used as supporting columns are called telamones. In some accounts, referred to as Telamon.

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