Greek - A Theban prophet. Son of Everes and Chariclo. Father of Manto. He was said to combine male and female characteristics and lived for seven generations. When he saw two snakes mating, he struck them with a stick, killing the female, and became a woman. When this happened again, he struck the male and became a man again and was thus able to settle an argument between Zeus and Hera by saying that women got nine times more pleasure from sexual intercourse than did men. In this story, it was the angry Hera who blinded him and Zeus who gave him the power of second sight. In another version, he happened to see Athena when she was bathing so she blinded him but gave him the gift of second sight in compensation and decreed that he should live seven times longer than the normal span. Others say that he was blinded by Aphrodite when, asked to judge her beauty against that of the three Graces, he awarded the prize to Cale. Among other things, he foretold the fate of Narcissus and revealed to Jocasta the news that she had married her own son, Oedipus. He died as a result of drinking at the poisoned spring of Telphusa when he accompanied the Thebans who, on his advice, evacuated the city when it was attacked by the Epigoni. Other accounts say that he died when he was being taken to Delphi after being captured by the Epigoni, or at Colophon where he went with his daughter, Manto. It was said that he continued to make prophecies in Hades even after his death. Sometimes known as Teiresias, Tireisias, Tireisias, Tiresias or Tiresias.

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