North American - An evil spirit of the Huron Indians. Grandson of the moon. Son of Wind-Ruler and Breath-of-Wind. Twin brother of Ioskeha. He fought with his twin brother while still in their mother's womb and she died when they were born. From then on they fought for supremacy and eventually Ioskeha prevailed, becoming the supreme god of the Iroquois while Tawiscara was banished to the underworld. Occasionally identified as Tawiscara, Dark One, The, Dark One, The, Donn Dumhach, Hymir, Krishna, Oterongtongnia, Oterongtongnia, Ioskeha, Othagwenda, Othagwenda, Flint, Flint, Taweskare, Taweskare, Tawiscana, Tawiscana, Tawiskala, Tawiskala, Tawiskara, Tawiskara, Tehotennhiaron, Tehotennhiaron, Dark One, Dark One, 'flint', 'flint', Hahgwehdaetgah, Hahgwehdaetgah, Tawiscaron, Tawiscaron, Tawiskaron, Tawiskava, Tawiskava, Twaiscara, Abnaki Malsum, Abnaki Malsum, Chibiabos, Algonquin Chibiabos or Algonquin Chibiabos.

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