New Zealand - A semi-divine culture-hero. A Maori thunder-god. Son of Hema and Urutonga. Brother of Kariki. Husband of Hine Piripiri. Father of Matuku, Tahiti Tokerau and Wahieroa. Father of Arahuta by Tangotango. He led souls across the rainbow bridge to meet their ancestors while his son, Rata, followed in his canoe. When he married Hine Piripiri, her relatives tried to kill Tawhaki but he drove them off with lightning flashes and drowned them in a heavy rainstorm. Their father, Hema, had been killed by the ponaturi and these flying demons had taken over his house. Tawhaki and Kariki sealed the house so that the demons could see no light and, when dawn came, Tawhaki opened the door and the demons perished in the light of the sun. Only two, Kanae and Tonga- Hiti, escaped. At the end of his life on earth, he climbed to heaven up a vine lowered by his grandmother, Whaitiri. In the sixth heaven, Nga Atua, he was reunited with Tangotango, a nymph who had seduced him, and he lived with her and their daughter, Arahuta, thereafter. In some accounts he is the grandfather of Rata. Also known as Tawhaki, Tafai, Tafai, Tahaki, Tahaki, Papuan Sido or Papuan Sido.

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