Egyptian - A hippopotamus-goddess, goddess of childbirth. Wife of Bes or Set. Depicted as having the head of a hippopotamus, the legs of a lion and the tail of a crocodile, her fearsome appearance drove off evil spirits at the birth of a child. In later stories, Horus won her from Seb and she was put in charge of souls returning from the underworld for rebirth. She was later assimilated into Hathor. Referred to as Tauret, Apet, Apet, Beset, Beset, Epet, Epet, Hathor, Hathor, Athyr, Het-Hert, Lady of Byblos, Lady of Dendera, Lady of Faience, Lady of the West, Lady of Turquoise, Mut, Sakhmet, Triphis, Anit, Great Mother, Qedeshet Sakhmet, Tafner, Triphis, Canaanite Baalat, Tanit, Greek Aphrodite, Mesopotamian Ishtar, Athor, Nekmet- Awai, Rer, Rer, Reret, Reret, Sa, Sa, Ta-urat, Ta-urat, Ta-uret, Ta-uret, Ta-urt, Ta-urt, Taoeuris, Taoeuris, Taouris, Taouris, Taourt, Taourt, Taueret, Taueret, Taurt, Taurt, Taweret, Taweret, Tawert, Tawert, Thaueret, Thaueret, Thoeris, Thoeris, Thouart, Thouart, Thoueret, Thoueret, Tie, Tie, Toeris, Toeris, Touart, Touart, Tuart, Tuart, Tueret, Tueret, Ueret, Ueret, Heret, Heret, Opet, Opet, Rer(et), Rer(et), Tao(e)uris, Tao(e)uris, Ta(o)urt, Ta(o)urt, Tawer(e)t, Tawer(e)t, T(h)aueret, T(h)aueret, Greek Athena, Greek Athena, Isis, Menrfa, Minerva, Neith, Sirl, Thoueris or Ushas.

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