Tarquinius Superbus

Roman - Seventh and last king of Rome. Son or grandson of Tarquinius Priscus. Father of Arruns and Sextus. He killed his first wife and his brother Arruns and married his brother's wife, Tullia. At her instigation, he then killed her father, the sixth king Servius Tullius, and took the throne. His son's rape of Lucretia incensed the citizens, leading to the abolition of the monarchy. He fled to Caere and came back with an Etruscan force to attack Rome. He was driven off and his second attempt, led by Lars Porsena, was no more successful. He was wounded in his final battle with Rome, at Lake Regillus, and died some time later at Cumae. Occasionally known as Tarquinius Superbus, Tarquin the Proud, Tarquin the Proud, Tarquin Superbus or Tarquin Superbus.

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