Norse - The red cap worn by some dwarfs. These tiny beings hid behind rocks and repeated the last words of anything they overheard, giving rise to dwarf-talk or echoes. The red cap protected them from the daylight which would otherwise have turned them to stone. In Germanic stories, it was worn by Laurin when he battled against Dietrich von Bern and his followers when they came to rescue Kunhild whom Laurin had seized. Some say that this cap was worn by Sigurd when he rode through the flames to rescue Brunhild. It is sometimes described as the cloak of Alberich, king of the dwarfs or fairies. Sometimes known as Tarnkappe, Cap of Invisibility, Cap of Invisibility, Hel-kappe, Hel-kappe, Hel Keplein, Hel Keplein, Nebelkappe, Nebelkappe, Tarnhelm, Tarnhelm, Helmet of Invisibility, Tarnhut, Tarnhut, Nebelkappe Tarnhut or Nebelkappe Tarnhut.

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