Greek - King of Argos, Corinth or Lydia. Son of Zeus or Tmolus by Pluto. Husband of Dione or Euryanassa. Father of Broteas, Niobe and Pelops. He kept the golden dog stolen from Rhea by Pandareus and left in his care and denied having it. He killed his son Pelops, cut him into small pieces and served him in stew to the gods. As punishment, Zeus condemned him to eternal torment. Immersed in water up to his chin which recedes whenever he tries to drink and with a fruit tree over his head which moves away each time he reaches out a hand, he can never satisfy his hunger or thirst. In other versions, his punishment was for divulging secrets of the gods, for stealing ambrosia and nectar or for keeping the golden dog. Some stories substitute a rock poised over the head of Tantalus for the fruit generally mentioned. On occassion, called Tantalus, Tantalos, Tantalos, Tantalus or Tantalus.
Greek - King of Pisa. Son of Thyestes. First husband of Clytemnestra. He was killed by Agamemnon who then took Clytemnestra as his wife. Also identified as Tantalus, Tantalos, Tantalos, Tantalus or Tantalus.

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