Canaanite - A moon-goddess and guardian goddess of Carthage. After her death, Dido became identified with Tanit. Also referred to as Tanit, Hathor, Hathor, Athyr, Het-Hert, Lady of Byblos, Lady of Dendera, Lady of Faience, Lady of the West, Lady of Turquoise, Mut, Sakhmet, Triphis, Anit, Great Mother, Qedeshet Sakhmet, Tafner, Triphis, Canaanite Baalat, Greek Aphrodite, Mesopotamian Ishtar, Athor, Nekmet- Awai, Tauret, Rat-Tanit, Rat-Tanit, Tanith, Tanith, Tenit, Tenit, Thinit, Thinit, Tinnit, Tinnit, Dido, Dido, Didon, Didone, 'brave one', Didon(e), Elissa, Thinnit, Thinnit, Egyptian Hathor, Egyptian Hathor, Ashtoreth, Ishtar, Phoenician Astarte, Phoenician Astarte, Asherah, Sams, Roman (Juno) Caelestis or Roman (Juno) Caelestis.

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