Pacific Islands - A creator-god and sea-god. A squid-god of Hawaii. A fish-god and god of reptiles of Tuamotu. Son of Rangi and Papa. Son of Atea and Papa, some say. Son of Te-More-tu, some say. Brother Haumea, Rongo, Ruaumoko, Tane, Tawhiri and Tu. Husband of Korero. Father of Pili,Tu-nui-ka-rere and Turi-a-Faumea. One story of the origin of Tangaroa says that he emerged from Po. In one version of the creation story he created the world when, in the form of a bird, he laid an egg which, after floating on the primaeval waters, broke to form the sky and the earth. He mated with the goddess Faumea after she had shown him how to remove the eels that normally lived in her vagina and killed men who slept with her. When Hina-a-rauriki, wife of Turia- Faumea was abducted by the demon octopus, Rogo-tumu-here, he and Turi-a-Faumea fished the monster up from the depths of the ocean and killed him, rescuing Turi-a- Faumea's wife. He and Atea both claimed to be the father of Papa's first child, so she cut the baby in half for them. Atea threw his half into the heavens where it became the sun and later Tangaroa did the same, making the moon. Another story makes Tangaroa and Rongo twins and says that he was born from his mother's arm. Occasionally identified as Tangaroa, Kanaloa, Kanaloa, Maori Tangaroa, Ta-aroa, Ta-aroa, Rua-i-tupra, Marshall Islands Loa, Tagaloa, Tangaloa, Tagaro, Tagaro, Tagaroa, Tagaroa, Tongaiti, Tongaiti, Upao, Upao, Vahu, Vahu, Hawaiian Kanaloa, Hawaiian Kanaloa, Marquesas Islands Tana'oa, Marquesas Islands Tana'oa, Samoan Tagaloa, Samoan Tagaloa, Tahitian Ta'aroa, Tahitian Ta'aroa, Tongan Tangaloa, Tongan Tangaloa, Ta'aroa or Ta'aroa.

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