New Zealand - A Maori light-god and god of forests. Son of Rangi and Papa. Brother of Haumea, Rongo, Tangaroa, Tawhiri and Tu. Husband of Hine-ahu-one. Father of Hine Titama. He forced apart his entwined parents, raising the sky (Rangi) above the earth (Papa) and used the thunderbolts of Fatu-tiri to kill Atea who, in the Tahitian version, was is father. In some stories, his first wife was Hine-ahu-one whom he created from sand or carved from stone. He also mated with their daughter Hine Titama who died of shame and became Hine-nui-te-po, a goddess in the underworld, having produced a daughter, Hine Titamauri. Other versions say that Tane had three other wives - Hine-tuanange who gave birth to reptiles and mountain streams, Mumuhango who produced grass and Rangahore who produced stone. The woman he made from sand was, in this version, Hine-itau- ira and it was she who killed herself when she realised that she had married her father, becoming goddess of the underworld. Yet another story says that Tane made Tiki and Hina-ahu-one who mated to become the progenitors of the human race. Alternatively, Tane, Ku and Lono worked together to create mankind. Occasionally known as Tane, Tanemahuta, Tanemahuta, Tapairu, Tapairu, Tuamotu, Tuamotu, Hawaiian Kane or Hawaiian Kane.

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