North American - A creator-god of the Yuki tribe of the southwest coastal area. He created the earth and made men from sticks but it was all destroyed in a flood. The second world he made had no animals for the people to eat so they ate each other until the world was destroyed by fire. He then made a third world and placed animals under the corners of the earth to hold it steady. When it still wobbled, he made the animals lie down and thereafter, apart from earthquakes caused when one of them moved, the world remained steady. He again created men from sticks and, when the first one died, Taikomo buried him. He allowed him to return to life the next day but the others complained of the smell of decay so Taikomo gave up the idea of resurrecting the dead. In some references, called Taikomo, Kato Nagaitco, Kato Nagaitco, Kyoi, Sinkone Kyoi or Sinkone Kyoi.

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