Pacific Islands - A creator-god of the New Hebrides. (Vanuatu). Brother of Suqe-mutua. Husband of Vinmara. One of the 11 brothers of Qat. He made models of humans from mud, using them as skittles. One of the figures mated with the fruit he used to bowl them over, so producing the first children. When a group of maidens flew down from heaven and took off their wings to bathe, he stole one pair of wings and hid them. The girl could not leave without her wings so she stayed on earth and married Tagaro. She later recovered her wings and flew back to her home in the sky. When he is on earth, he is visible only to the dead. In some versions, there are two - Tagaro the Wise, the creator, and Tagaro the Foolish who destroyed much of the other's work. Occasionally known as Tagaro, Tangaroa, Tangaroa, Kanaloa, Ta-aroa, Tagaloa, Tagaroa, Tongaiti, Upao, Vahu, Hawaiian Kanaloa, Marquesas Islands Tana'oa, Samoan Tagaloa, Tahitian Ta'aroa, Tongan Tangaloa, Ta'aroa or Tangaloa.

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