Tadhg mac Cein

Irish - Son of Cian of Munster. Brother of Airnealach and Eoghan. Husband of Li Ban. He fought against Ulster at the Battle of Crionna in alliance with Cormac mac Airt, the high-king, who promised a reward of as much land as he could drive round in his chariot. The king bribed the driver to traverse an Lshape to exclude Tara, the home of the high-kings of Ireland. When his wife and sons were carried off by Camthann, king of Fresen, he set sail in pursuit but found himself in the Otherworld where he and his crew were entertained by Cessair, the first woman to reach Ireland. They stayed for a year which seemed like a single day and then sailed for Fresen. Tadhg killed Camthann, installed his nephew as king and brought his family safely home. At times, identified as Tadhg mac Cein.

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