Pacific Islands - A Tahitian creator-god. Father of Rai-tubu. Some say that he hatched from a cosmic egg and used the shell to create earth (Fa'ahotu) and sky (Atea), others that he created the world inside the shell of a mussel, others that he built the universe from his own body. Some say that he pulled up the islands from the bottom of the ocean on a hook and fishing-line. He also made men from red clay and later put a man to sleep, took a bone from his body and, from it, made the first woman. Known as Ta-aroa, Rua-i-tupra, Rua-i-tupra, Marshall Islands Loa, Marshall Islands Loa, Tagaloa, Tagaloa, Hawaiian Kanaloa, Maori Tangaroa, Tahitian Ta'aroa, Tongan Tangaloa, Tagaroa, Tangaroa, Tangaloa, Tangaloa or New Zealand Tangaroa.

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