T'ien Hou

Chinese - A sea-goddess, guardian of sailors. Daughter of Lin Yüan, Lin Ling-su or Ts'ai by Ch'en or Wang. She was originally the maiden Lin who died when she was only twentyeight and was deified. She was reputed to be able to control the forces of nature and saved her family by abating a storm at sea merely by pointing a finger at the sea. Models of the goddess are carried in Chinese ships to protect against piracy and stormy seas. She is often depicted flanked by her two attendants who are known as Thousand Mile Eyes and Fair Wind Ears. Sometimes called T'ien Hou, Chuan Hou, Chuan Hou, T'ien Hou, Chun T'i, Chun T'i, T'ien Hou, Mother of the Ladle, Tou Mu, Buddhist Kuan Yin, Hindu Maritchi, Empress of Heaven, Empress of Heaven, T'ien Hou, Maritchi, Maritchi, Marichi, Marici, Mo-li-chi, Buddhist Maric(h)i or Chinese Chun T'i.

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