T'ang Kung-fang

Chinese - An official at the emperor's court. He asked the immortal Li Pa-pai for the secret of eternal youth which the sage promised to give him if T'ang could cure him of the boils which covered his body by licking them. When licking by T'ang's servants and then his wife failed, T'ang collected a million bottles of wine in which Li Pa-pai bathed. This not only cured the sage's boils but restored the youth of T'ang, his wife and his servants when they also bathed in the wine. An alternative version says that licking by his servants, his wife and finally by T'ang himself failed to effect a cure but, having passed the test set by Li Pa-pai, T'ang was raised to the status of an immortal by the agency of a potion he prepared from a copy of the Tan Ching given to him by Li Pa-pai. In some lore, occasionally identified as T'ang Kung-fang.

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