Norse - Daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun. When Gudrun, desolate after the death of Sigurd, went to live with his step-father, Elf, she took the young Swanhild with her. When she was later forced into an unhappy marriage with Atli, Gudrun left her daughter with Elf and his wife Thora. In some stories, Swanhild was reunited with her mother after she had killed Atli and fled to become the wife of King Jonakur. Swanhild became betrothed to Ermenrich, king of the Goths, who sent his son Randwer and a servant, Sibich, to escort her to the royal palace. Sibich lied to the king, claiming that Randwer had seduced Swanhild on the journey and the king had his son hanged and Swanhild trampled to death by horses. In a Danish version, she was Svanhild, wife of Iarmerik, and she was accused by Bikki of adultery with the king's son, Broder. Her fate was the same. In some references, referred to as Swanhild, Svanhild or Svanhild.

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