Norse - Son of Orvandel and Groa. Brother of Hadding. A mortal who wooed Freya as Menglod. In some accounts he rescued her from the giant Fiolsvid, took her back to Asgard and married her. In another story, his father was captured by Halfdan who forced Orvandel to shoot an apple from his son's head. Svipdag later killed Halfdan. Svipdag was killed by Hadding who mistook him for the monster he was disguised as. Some regard Svipdag as an aspect of Odur. At times, identified as Svipdag, Eric, Eric, Eirikr, Erik, Erik, Erik, Herrick, Herrick, Erik, Erik, Erik, Hoder, Hoder, Odur, Odur, Od, Oder, Odr, Od, Od(e)r, Odnir, Oth(u)r, Svipdagr, Svipdagr, Herrick,Skirmir or Herrick,Skirmir.

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