Hindu - One of the 7 realms of the universe, the paradise of Indra. Svarga is the home of the Apsarasas and the Gandharvas. The capital city of this land is known as Amaravati. In some accounts, called Svarga, Indra-Loka, Indra-Loka, Nandana, Nandana, Suarga, Suarga, Svar-Loka, Svar-Loka, Svarga-Loka, Svarga-Loka, svark, svark, svar, svar, Swarga, Swarga, Trayastrimsa, Trayastrimsa, Jaka, Trayastrinsa, Trayastrinska, Trayastrins(k)a;Hindu Svarga, Devaloka, Devaloka, Jarog, Jarog, Svarog, Rarach, Rarach, Rarog, Rarog, Svar(ga)-Loka, Svar(ga)-Loka, Buddhist Trayastrimsa or Buddhist Trayastrimsa.

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