Baltic - A Latvian god of crops and war. In some accounts he is the father of Dazhbog and Svarozic. He is depicted as having four heads and riding a white horse. In some references, known as Svantevit, Svandovit, Svandovit, Svantovit, Svantovit, Swietowit, Svarog, Svarog, Jarog, Rai, Rarach, Rarog, Svarogu, Baltic Svantevit, Svarozic, Sventovit, Sventovit, Svetovid, Svetovid, Svetovit, Svetovit, Svetovitu, Svetovitu, 'energy', 'energy', Iarovit, Iarovit, Triglav, Triglav, Tribog, Trigelawus, Slav Porenutius, Slav Porenutius, Rod, Rod, Chur, Rodu, Chur, Latvian Svantevit, Rugievit, Rugievit, Rinvit, Ruevitu, Rugavit, Rugevit or Rujevit.

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