Norse - A giant. Son of Surtur, some say. Brother of Baugi. Brother or son of Gilling. Father of Gunlod. When his brother (in some accounts, his father) Gilling and his wife were killed by the dwarfs Fialar and Galar, Suttung captured them but was prevailed upon to spare their lives when they promised to give him the magical brew they had made from the blood of the sage, Kvasir, whom they had killed earlier. Suttung entrusted the three containers of this wondrous brew to his daughter, Gunlod, who concealed them in the centre of a mountain. When Odin, in disguise, seduced Gunlod and drank all the brew, making off in the form of an eagle, Suttung flew after him but just failed to catch him. The gods lit a fire on the battlements which burnt Suttung's wings and he fell into the fire and was killed. In some lore, occasionally identified as Suttung, Suttungr or Suttungr.

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