Hindu - A copper-bodied sun-god. Son of Dyaus and Aditi or Prithivi. Son of Brahma or Kasyapa, some say. Husband of Sanjna. Father of Mana, Revanta, Yama and Yami. Father of Karna by Kunti. Father of the Aswins, Soma and Ushas, some say. He is regarded as one of the Dikpalas, guardian of the south-west with his elephant Kumuda. He assimilated Savitri and Vivasvat. His wife, Sanjna, unable to face his brilliance, left him to become a mare in the forest where he found her. They mated, with Surya in the form of a stallion, producing the Aswin twins and the warrior, Revanta. Sanjna left her maid, Chhaya, to take her place and Surya fathered three children on her during his wife's absence. His brightness was later reduced by Vishvakarma, Sanjna's father. In some accounts, Surya is Agni, worshipped as the sun and these two forms, plus Trita (lightning) are referred to as Tryambaka. He is depicted as dark-red, threeeyed, and four-armed, sometimes riding in a one-wheeled chariot drawn by four or seven red or white horses driven by Aruna. Occasionally known as Surya, Agni, Agni, Agni-Yavishta, Agnis, Abhimani, Agni Yavis(h)ta, Asani, Bhava, Garuda, Grihaspati, Ishana, Jatavedas, Lord of the House, Mahadeva, Narasamsa, Pashupati, Pavaka Pramanthi, Pramati, Rudra, Sarva, Tanunapat, Trita, Ugra, Vaicnavara, Grahapati, Marttanda, Marttanda, Martamda, Martanda, Vivasvat, Savitri, Ravi, Ravi, Surya Narayana, Surya Narayana, Bhaga(savitar), Bhaga(savitar), Dharmesh, Dharmesh, Diakara, Diakara, Dina-kara, Dinakara, Dinakara, Karma-Sakshi, Karma-Sakshi, Mart(t)anda, Mart(t)anda, Savitri, Mitra, Mitra, Mithra, Savitar, Savitar, Savitri, 'shiner', 'shiner', Lampos, Lampos, Lampos, Suryaa, 'sun', 'sun', Iruva, Wi, Greek Apollo, Greek Apollo, Angus Og, Apellun, Aplu, Atepomarus, Maponus, Veiovis, Helius, Helius, Apollo, Helios, Phoebus, sacred animals, sacred birds, Sol, Apollo, Titan, Egyptian Ra, Roman Sol, Javanese Suria, Javanese Suria, Pushan, Pushan, Agohya, Pusan, 'nourisher' or Chinese P'u Hsien.

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