Hindu - The cow of plenty. Mother of Hamsika and Nandi. Mother of Rohini and Subhadra, some say. This sacred animal was the tenth thing to be produced at the Churning of the Ocean. It had the power to grant wishes and was the mother of Shiva's white bull, Nandi. Some say that Brahma granted Surabhi a heaven of her own, called Goloka, into which devotees who have given cows are permitted to enter. In some accounts, Surabhi is the same as Nandini though others say that Nandini was the cow owned by Vashishtha which was one of the many calves of Surabhi, as was the bull Nandi. In others she is equated with Kamadhenu. Occasionally referred to as Surabhi, Kamadhenu, Kamadhenu, Kama Dhenu, Kamadhenus, Kamdhain, Kamdhenu, Savala, Nandini, Surabji or Surabji.

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