Malayan - A descendant of Alexander the Great. A king of India. Father of Mencha Terim. Husband of Mutahbul Bahri and Onang Kiu. He is said to have conquered some of Malaya and married the ruler's sister. He later conquered Siam and took another wife, Onang Kiu, daughter of the king, Chulan. His third wife was Mutahbul Bahri, daughter of a seaking, Aftabul Ardi. After many more conquests, he returned to his home in Malaya riding the sea-horse, Farasul Bahri. In some references, referred to as Sulana, Raja Sulana, Raja Sulana, Raja Suran, Raja Suran, Suran, Suran, (Raja) Suran or (Raja) Suran.

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