Buddhist - The Pure Land of the west, ruled by Amitabha. This land of pleasure is full of flowers and birds, trees covered with precious stones and lotuses which bathe the Buddha in pure light. All those who reached this land became male and here enlightenment is guaranteed. Known as Sukhavati, Blessed Land, Blessed Land, Gokuraku-Jodo, Gokuraku-Jodo, Gokuraku-Lekai, Chinese Hsi T'ien, Pure Land, heaven, heaven, paradise, Celestial City, Ilhuicatl, Huang-t'ien Shang Ti, Hsi T'ien, Hsi T'ien, Sakhavati, Sakhavati, Taema-mandara, Taema-mandara, Kwangyo-mandara, Pure land, Pure land, Buddha-Kshetra, Buddha-land, Jodo, Kshetia, Pure Land of the West, Chinese Ching-t'u, Western Paradise, Sakkavati, Sakkavati, Hsi-fang chi-lo shih-chieh, Hsi-fang chi-lo shih-chieh, Japanese Gokuraku-jodo, Japanese Gokuraku-jodo, Gokuraku-jodo or Gokuraku-jodo.

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