Suibhne Geilt

Irish - A poet-king of Dalriada. Husband of Eorann. Father of Aedh Dubh, in some accounts. He insulted St Ronan who drove him mad with a form of madness that enabled him to jump hundreds of feet and to perch in trees where he grew feathers and lived on berries like a wild thing. Others say that he was driven mad by the sights he saw at the Battle of Magh Ratha. He was restored to his kingdom by Loingseachan but later resumed his life as a wild man, going to Britain where he met another lunatic, Alladhan. After Alladhan drowned himself, Suibhne returned home but was rejected by his wife who was living with another man. Once again he went into the wilderness and his madness was brought on again when he was assaulted by phantoms. He was found and cared for by St Moling. He was killed by a cowherd, the husband of Moling's cook, who mistook him for his wife's lover. At times, identified as Suibhne Geilt, King Sweeney, King Sweeney, Suibhne Gelt, Suibhne Gelt, Welsh Myrrdin Wyllt or Welsh Myrrdin Wyllt.

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