Sualtam mac Roth

Irish - An Ulster chieftain. Husband of Dectera. The earthly father of Cuchulainn. In some accounts, Cuchulainn was the son of Dectera by Lugh who had spirited her away to the Otherworld on her wedding eve but he was raised by Sualtam as his own son, then called Setanta. In the battle with the forces of Connaught, he rallied the warriors of Ulster to save the province. In doing so, he spoke before the druid Cathbad and, for this breach of protocol, cut off his own head on the sharp edge of his shield but the head still gave out the rallying cry. Also known as Sualtam mac Roth, Sualda(i)m(h), Sualda(i)m(h), Sualtaim or Sualtaim.

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