Greek - A sea-goddess, chief of the Oceanids. Daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Wife of Pallas. Wife of Hades, some say. Mother of Bia, Cratus, Nike and Zelos. She sent her four sons to help the gods in the battle with the giants and was rewarded with a place as the river of oaths in the underworld. Occasionally identified as Styx, Stux, Stux, Styx or Styx.
Greek - One of the rivers in Hades. The Styx was said to encircle the underworld nine times and was regarded as the river of the unbreakable oath. A god who broke an undertaking sworn on the Styx was rendered unconscious for nine years, followed by nine years (some say one year) in exile. Mortals were poisoned by the waters of the river if they broke an oath. Some say it was this river, rather than Acheron, over which Charon ferried the souls of the dead. On occassion, known as Styx, Stux, Stux, Styx or Styx.

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