North American - A hero of the tribes of the north-west. Son of Volcano Woman. He skinned the halibut which an eagle dropped on to the shore and, wearing the skin, took the form of a halibut and swam south towards the sound of voices calling for help. He found a tribe starving and helped them to collect mussels for food. When the monster whale, Qagwaai, wrecked some of the tribe's canoes, killing the occupants, Stoneribs lured the monster to the surface and, when it chased his canoe, mouth agape, Stobneribs jumped into the gaping maw and killed the monster by shooting it from the inside. He then skinned the whale and, by wearing the skin, was able to become a whale himself. Another monster trapped Stoneribs but he was able to escape by changing back to a halibut. When he finally returned home, he took off the halibut skin and hung it up to dry. An eagle swooped down and carried off the skin and, thereafter, Stoneribs remained his normal human shape but became known as Crystalribs. Also identified as Stoneribs.

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