Stone of Destiny

General - The stone on which the Pictish kings. Sat at their coronation. It is said to be the stone used as a pillow by Jacob, mentioned in Genesis, which was brought to Ireland by a princess called Tea or by Gaedheal. It was later taken to Iona and thence to Scone in Scotland, finally ending up in England as the Coronation Stone. It was said to roar when a new monarch sat on it, so confirming his right to the throne. Other versions say that there were two such stones, the Lia Fail of Ireland, discovered by Conn Ceadchathach, and a similar stone (Jacob's Pillow) in Scotland brought to Scotland from Egypt by Gaedheal. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Stone of Destiny, Coronation Stone, Coronation Stone, Fal, Fal, Fal stone, Fal stone, Jacob's Pillow, Jacob's Pillow, Jacob's Stone, Jacob's Stone, Lia Fail, Lia Fail, Stone of Fal, Stone of Fal, Stone of Scone, Stone of Scone, Tara Stone, Tara Stone, Fal(stone) or Fal(stone).

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