Stone Boy

North American - A Sioux hero. Five brothers lived with their sister and they survived by hunting. On each of five consecutive days, one of the brothers failed to return from the hunt and the girl was left to fend for herself. Desperate for food, she swallowed a pebble hoping to die. Instead, four days later she gave birth to a boy who grew very quickly to manhood. When she told him about her five missing brothers, he vowed to find them and bring them back. After travelling for four days he came to a teepee where an old hag offered him food. When he discovered that she had tried to poison him, he killed her and then unpacked the five bundles standing in the corner. Inside he found the dried bodies of the five missing men. Instructed by a pile of talking bones, he built a little sweathouse in which he restored his uncles to life. In the Ojibway version, Stone Boy was the twin brother of Weneboozho, both of whom were fathered on a maiden by Geesis, the sun. Also called Stone Boy, Iyan Hokshi, Iyan Hokshi, Iyan Hoshi or Iyan Hoshi.

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