Greek - One of the Epigoni. Son of Capaneus and Evadne. Father of Cometes and Cylarabes. He was one of the soldiers hidden inside the wooden horse at Troy. On occassion, identified as Sthenelus.
Greek - Son of Androgeus or of Actor. Brother of Alcaeus. He and his brother served as slaves to Heracles on his ninth Labour to atone for the murder of two of Heracles' crewmen by subjects of his brother, Alcaeus. Heracles made them rulers of Thasos. Also commonly identified as Sthenelus.
Greek - A king of Mycenae. Son of Perseus and Andromeda. Brother of Electryon. Husband of Nicippe. Father of Alcinoe, Eurystheus and Medusa. He seized the throne of Mycenae when Electryon was accidentally killed by Amphitryon. Some say that Sthenelus was killed by Hyllus. Sometimes called Sthenelus.

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