Persian - Guardian of the earth during the hours of darkness. An aspect of Ahura Mazda, obedience'; He was regarded as the ear that heard the cries of man and, with Mithra and Rashnu, a judge who weighed souls in the scales in the underworld. In some accounts, he is one of the Amesha Spentas or of the Yazatas. On occassion, identified as Sraosha, Ahura Mazda, Ahura Mazda, Auharmazd, Auramazda, Hormazd, Hormazu, Horomazd, Living God, Mazda, Mazdah Ahura, Ohrmazd, Ohrmuzd, Ormazd, Ormuzd, Wise Lord, Persian, Ahura Mazdah, Armaiti, Aurharmazd, Harvatat, Hor(o)mazd, Kshathra, 'Living God', O(h)rmazd, O(h)rmuzd, Spenta Mainya, Vohu Manah, Armenian Aramazd, Assyrian Assara Mazas, Georgian Armaz, Greek Oromasdes, Zeus, Hindu Rudra, Varuna, Craosa, Craosa, Sosioch, Sosioch, Shraoscha, Shraoscha, Surush, Surush, Sosiosch, Sosiosch, Sraoscha, Sraoscha, Muslim Jibril or Muslim Jibril.

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