Sons of Turenn

Irish - The children of Turenn by Brigit or, some say, by Dana. The brothers Brian, Iuchar and Iucharba. As punishment for killing Cian, the brothers were required to get a chariot, the hound Fail Inis, three apples from the Garden of the Sun, seven magical pigs from Easal, a magical spear from the Persian king, a golden cooking-spit from the undersea island of Finchory, a pigskin owned by Tuis that could heal any wound on which it was laid, and then give three shouts on the hill protected by Mochaen. They carried out all these tasks but were killed by Mochaen and his sons who were themselves killed in the battle. The pigskin (or, in some accounts, Lugh's magic cloak) could have healed them but Lugh refused to let them use it. Sometimes identified as Sons of Turenn, Brian, Brian, Brion, Bryan, Iuchar, Iuchar, Iuchair, Iucharba, Iucharba, Iucharbar, Turenn, Turenn, Tuireann, Tuiren, Tuirenn, Tuirill, Tuirren, Tuiren(n), Tri de Dana or Tri de Dana.

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